Eddyline Brewery is a family owned, independent brewery based in Nelson! We have our purpose built, state of the art brewery where we brew all our own beers. Our range currently consists of 18 beers, from crisp golden pilsners to hazy hop bombs and everything in between. Our aim is to always sell the freshest, authentic to style and value for money beers. So next time you need a beer, think Eddyline

At Citizen, our mission is to stop needless food waste. We rescue foods that would otherwise go to waste, and upcycle them into delicious food and drink.

Our craft beers are made using rescued unsold bread. Our sourdough loaves are made using spent-grain flour from our brewing process. Our Piquette is made with leftover winemaking grapes. And our newest beverage, CHERRY BOMB CIDER, is made with rescued Central Otago cherries.

Let’s fight food waste together, over a drink. Cheers!

Find us at the Central Otago Collective tent

Canyon Brewing, a locally owned and operated micro-brewery located on the edge of Arthurs Point overlooking the Shotover River.
There’s something for every beer lover with us here at Canyon Brewing.

Find us at the Central Otago Collective tent

From enjoying the amazing lifestyle in Queenstown to the beers we brew, we are not afraid to push the limits and try something new. We believe that craft beer is more than what’s written on the label or what the ingredients are. It’s about who makes the beer and the true intention behind the brand. So much passion, dedication and innovation goes in to each and every beer we produce because when it all comes down to it, we do it for the love of beer.

Find us at the Central Otago Collective tent

This ‘Beer Dream Team’ started planning their own brewery years ago but officially opened the doors in June 2017. After debating on towns to settle down in, this kiwi/Aussie duo landed on Wanaka, Otago as the location for their brewery and bar.

Find us at the Central Otago Collective tent

Picture this, two broke, below average looking men accidentally create an alcoholic ginger beer that is, to say the least, a banga. Give it a nudge, its refreshing AF.

At your Miramar local, we simply aspire to create the kind of damn fine beer that delivers mouth parties and brings a bit of character.
We enjoy spending our waking hours taking a second look at what defines a traditional style, and from there, we give the recipe boundaries a bit of a nudge.
Yeah, sure it might not please the Purity Police… but actually, we’re good with that.

Like any decent band from the 90’s, the Cowabunga team honed their skills in garages over the last ten years. A passion for good beer, as well as a shared interest in music, pop culture and video games, brought more friends into the garage. In 2021 they’ve taken things to the next level, and are the new player in the Auckland beer game. Cowabunga!

We are NZs champion brewery, based out in the small rural town of Helensville we pump out delicious hoppy goodness.

Laughing Bones Brewing is a New Zealand craft beer label producing a range of high-quality craft beers reflecting true kiwi culture. Fine craft beers for Everyone!