Non-Alcoholic: If you are not into alcohol or feel like a break we will have a range of other beverages available from our dedicated non-alcoholic bar.

Free water: will be available at stations throughout the festival. Remember to keep hydrated to make sure you can go the distance. Bottled water is also available for purchase.

Gluten Free: Cider, Seltzer & Wine options plus a variety of Food options.

Vegan: A range of Beverages options plus a variety of Food options, please refer to the dietary key on the vendor menus.

On entry, ALL patrons receive a reusable Beer cup free of charge for all Beer, Cider & Seltzer.
All Wine is served in a reusable wine cup, only $1.50 with your first purchase.

All drinks are served in our reusable Festival cups, if you lose your cup this will not be replaced – so keep these safe!